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May 31, 2023

We’ve got vapes! Spoiler alert: They’re not distillate…

GreenSeal is currently on a bit of a roll when it comes to introducing new SKUs.

In just the past year, our nursery released three new flower/pre-roll cultivars (Cookie Cake, Mocha OG, and Pink Octane) that all became instant classics.

Our Live Hash proved an immediate hit among those who appreciate the new-school, full spectrum flavour and effects of pressed kief extracted from a fresh-frozen harvest.

We blew up the infused pre-roll game by being the first to market with joints infused with full spectrum micronized isolate: Riptide and Moon Landing are both fortified with this innovative extract created by collecting all the terps and cannabinoids together and refining the powdered particles to microscopic size for smooth, consistent burning.

We even launched a whole new craft brand: Bonfire elevates GreenSeal’s quality even higher via small batch, hang dried, hand trimmed harvests (you can see and taste the difference for yourself by grabbing Golden Grape Indica in 3.5g flower or pre-rolls).

Bonfire’s infused Inferno pre-rolls bring together next-level craft flower with full spectrum micronized isolate to create one of the strongest products out there (the first release of these 2 x 1g bats clocked in at 47.77% THC).

But even with all we’ve accomplished lately, we’re not done introducing innovative new SKUs and formats…

Introducing: GreenSeal’s 510 Vape Cartridges

We’ve had a lot of requests from customers who love GreenSeal but want to enjoy the flavour and potency of our product via the convenience and discreteness of a 510 vape pen cartridge.

We get it – vape carts are super handy for quick tokes on the go (or on the sly).

But the last thing we wanted to do was release another cartridge into the crowded Canadian market filled with boring THC distillate flavoured with non-cannabis terpenes.

To that end, we filled our 1g carts with three formats of extracts, all of which honour and preserve the full effects and flavour from the original organic flower.

Liquid Diamonds: These diamonds don’t last forever, but you’ll wish they did

Liquid Diamonds Vape Vanity Graphic

The process for separating cannabinoids from terpenes in a full spectrum extract is known as “crashing” or “mining” diamonds.

At the perfect temperature and pressure, the THC and other cannabinoids solidify into diamond-like crystals, while the aromatic terpenes remain in liquid form, a preparation known as Diamonds and Sauce.

Once the diamonds are removed from the terpy sauce, they are decarbed (heated) again so they melt back into a liquid, at which point some of the syrupy terps are injected back in (for full flavour and the entourage effect). 

The result is our high THC (74-80%) “Liquid Diamonds” Sativa vape cartridge, filled with an oil featuring full cannabis flavour and strong cannabinoid hits on every draw.

Terp Sauce: Flavour forward

Terp Sauce Vape Vanity Graphic

For those who put taste ahead of potency, GreenSeal’s “Terp Sauce” Indica 510 cartridges are total flavour bombs.

With overall terpene levels as high as 17%, these carts demonstrate THC is only the beginning when it comes to vapes.

In a reversal of how Liquid Diamonds are made, the golden terp sauce is separated from the THC crystals and used as the primary ingredient for the oil found in these cartridges.

Live Resin: The Peak of Flavour and Potency

Live Resin Vape Vanity Graphic

In the overall extract category, one of the biggest differentiators is whether the original product was “live” (vs. dried/cured) when the extraction happened.

Flavourful, aromatic terpenes, as well as the precious cannabinoids, evaporate as cannabis dries and cures in the weeks after harvest.

By fresh freezing cannabis the moment after it’s harvested, and extracting resin from that “live” product, the terps and cannabinoids are extracted at their absolute peak.

GreenSeal’s “Live Resin” Sativa 510 cartridges don’t compromise on terpenes or cannabinoids – it captures them all in their fullest possible expression.

You can learn more about live extraction in our “Ask The Grower” Youtube series!

Quality in, Quality out

GreenSeal Vapes Liquid Diamonds Terp Sauce Live Resin Combo Strain Card V2

One of the common mantras you’ll hear from people in the extraction game is: “Quality in, quality out.”

GreenSeal’s vapes are extracted from single strain, fresh frozen, ultra-premium top cola organic flower and as a result the quality of the final product really shines through.

Rather than taking shortcuts and infusing our carts with distillate (flavoured with terpenes that have never been near a cannabis plant), we sought out the best of the best in true cannabis extracts.

Combined with high-quality 510 thread vape hardware, these little units offer all the convenience and discretion of the vape pen without sacrificing effects or taste.

Whether you’re looking for high cannabinoids, strong terpenes, or both, we’ve got you covered. 

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