Take your toke to a whole new level with GreenSeal Live Kief and Live Hash; extracted from our fresh-frozen in-house genetics moments after harvest to maximize our terpenes for optimal value, flavour and effects.

Live Hash Reference Card 1

A little kief can take your cannabis experience a long way, so just imagine what a 2g puck of it can do.

We extract mountains of kief from our fresh-frozen plants on harvest day to preserve those flavourful terpenes and then press it into beautiful 2g pucks for easy portioning.

With THC ranging up to 34%, you can rest assured our live hash pucks will pack the wallop you’re looking for, especially when mixed with your favourite ground GreenSeal flower in your joint, pipe or bong.

Live Kief Strain Card 2023 V1

Sprinkle to your heart’s content with 2g packages of pure, golden live kief, straight from the canopy of our next-level grow operation.

Our live kief ranges up to 36% THC, which when when applied to your favourite ground GreenSeal flower, is guaranteed to add some major ‘oomph’ to your next toke.

We extract mountains of kief from our fresh-frozen plants on harvest day to preserve those flavourful terpenes and then carefully packaged in-house by our dedicated quality control team.


Live Hash Kief Availability Chart V2


Pure THCA crystalized into golden globs of goodness over long periods of time in a container of terp sauce for an insanely flavourful, potent cannabis experience. 

Diamond Dabs Strain Card 2023 V2


Diamond Dabs Availability Chart V3


If you’re looking for some serious potency out of your joints, our line of infused pre-rolls pack a punch you won’t soon forget. 

Three supercharged half-gram joints are packed with high-quality flower and use unbleached Dutch paper cones designed with a slim profile for a longer, smoother, consistent burn. 

Each joint contains a half gram of infused top shelf flower, packaged and sealed by hand to ensure freshness and

Moon Landing Product Card V3

Moon Landing infused pre-roll rockets offer fuselages filled with stellar whole-flower sativa and turbocharged with pure THCA diamond stardust.

With overall THC percentages shooting higher than 30%, these tasty and powerful lunar landers will take you over the moon and back.

Riptide Product Card V3

Riptide infused pre-rolls will lift you up and carry you away on a strong indica current amplified by a generous sprinkling of pure THCA diamonds.

With overall THC percentages surging higher than 30%, these tasty and powerful pre-rolls start with a tsunami of elation followed by waves of relaxation.


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