Consistently great cannabis can’t be grown just anywhere. It takes years of environmental and technological experimentation to fine tune the perfect growing conditions. At GreenSeal, we’ve done just that. Through extensive trials and research, we’ve developed one of the most advanced growing systems in the world. We regularly develop new solutions for lighting, growing techniques, production methods, post-harvest processes and infrastructure.

Keep scrolling to learn more about just a few of the innovations we’ve implemented since our founding in 2014.

The challenge of spacial constraints gave us one of our earliest “a-ha” moments. We changed our perspective from growing in square feet to cubic feet and built a revolutionary multi-tiered indoor growing facility. Our six-tier and eight-tier advanced vertical growing systems have placed us among the highest yielding cannabis producers per square foot of production space in the world.

Instead of growing and harvesting giant crops all at once, we’ve developed a staggered schedule that enables us to harvest small batches continuously. It requires our entire team operating tirelessly and seamlessly, but the craft-quality results speak for themselves. This system, focused on consistent, fresh product, allows us to quickly adapt to changing consumer tastes and demands.

Lighting is one of the most important considerations when growing top quality cannabis. In partnership with a leading North American research university, we published the largest peer-reviewed study of cannabis lighting intensity ever conducted.

We discovered that light intensity is actually far more important than light spectrum when it comes to achieving top quality cannabis cultivation. Thanks to our constant research initiatives, we have developed custom light fixtures running on Digital Electricity™, promoting the full expression of cannabinoids and terpenes while saving on energy costs and environmental impact.


*Digital Electricity is a trademark of VoltServer Inc.*

Gorilla Berry Cannabis Plant 1

We tested tens of thousands of plants in different growing media to dial-in the best possible method for growing the highest quality cannabis. Microbial soil amendments (including kelp and beneficial fungus mycorrhizae) help our plants take in nutrients and increase sugar levels, leading to a sweeter, smoother flavour for our customers.

At GreenSeal, we’ve always been more focused on preserving the highest levels of THC and terpenes than achieving the highest yield per lot. We want our customers to enjoy the highest levels of potency and flavour possible, which is why we only grow in small batches, and harvest only once our plants have reached their full potential. Light and heat can degrade THC and terpenes, which means we often harvest by dark green light to ensure every bud is perfectly ripe and beautiful.

Quality takes time! We deliberately slow down our final drying process to promote the breakdown of complex carbohydrates into sugars and preserve the abundant terpenes and cannabinoids in our flowers as much as possible.

True beauty is in the details. GreenSeal staff and our trusted partners tend to each product by hand as carefully as possible to maximize the beauty of each and every bud.