Crushing Hard: The Purple Crush Story

August 3, 2023

Introducing Your New Cannabis Crush

Sativa lovers are already crushing hard on GreenSeal’s latest release: Purple Crush

When GreenSeal launched its new dedicated Nursery facility (located a short stone’s throw away from our production facility in Stratford, ON), we made a commitment to our customers to release at least one new cultivar every quarter (either under the GreenSeal brand or the newer certified craft brand Bonfire).

2023 has already proven a banner year for new GreenSeal drops, with the release of the instant Sativa classic Cookie Cake, the gassy Indica Pink Octane, and Golden Grape, Bonfire’s inaugural Indica strain.

We continue to deliver on our promise of a new quarterly drop with our latest and greatest from the nursery’s never-ending pheno hunt: Purple Crush. 

A Gassy, Sweet/Tart Cherry Treat for the Senses

Purple Crush - Vanity Graphic
Purple Crush - Top 5 Terpenes

With pretty shades of purple, a subtly fuel-tinged scent and pleasantly fizzy sweet/tart dark cherry undertones, Purple Crush is a strongly sativa-leaning phenotype of the legendary Meringue hybrid strain.

While its effects lean heavily towards Sativa, its super potent THC levels hearken to the Indica aspects of its lineage.

The gassy, sweet, and tart terp profile results from the dominant Nerolidol (reminiscent of apples and wood), along with spicy Caryophyllene and sour Limonene. These combine to create a dark cherry flavour experience you’ll instantly fall in love with.

We  Purple Crush and we think you will too!

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