Buds Like These Aren't Grown By Accident

GreenSeal Siz Level Grow System

Through decades of research and development, our team has developed the ideal system to cultivate truly next-level cannabis, but our work is never done.

We continually strive to push the limits of our technology and processes to improve our growing techniques to deliver outstanding experiences to consumers across Canada.

Our whole flower is the crowning jewel of our company, and as such, is treated with utmost care, from the first sprout to hand-grooming and packaging.

We operate on a perpetual schedule with up to two weekly harvests, ensuring that every plant gets the attention it deserves, and that only the freshest buds head out the door.

If you have any questions about our whole flower or growing process, you’re welcome to contact us anytime.


Our whole flower products are currently available in the following strains:

Gorilla Berry Nug Emblem 1
Gorilla Berry
Citrus Skunk Nug Emblem 1
Citrus Skunk
Mocha OG Nug Emblem 1
Mocha OG
Cookie Cake Nug Emblem 1
Cookie Cake
Pink Octane Nug Emblem 1
Pink Octane
Strawberry Haze Nug Emblem
Strawberry Haze
Eddy's Watermelon Nug Emblem
Eddy's Watermelon
Praline Gelato Nug Emblem 1
Praline Gelato

Click a bud to see what formats are available in your home province/territory.

Commitment to Quality Cannabis