Introducing Riptide and Moon Landing

November 3, 2022

Taking Infused Pre-Rolls to the Next Level

When we announced the news that GreenSeal received its extraction licence from Health Canada, we asked our followers on social media to vote for their choice for our first product in the concentrates category.

Choose Your GreenSeal Extract

The winner was hash (and stay tuned for news of our upcoming Live Hash drop!), but there were many requests for GreenSeal to put out an infused pre-roll.

Infused pre-rolls have proven to be a big hit among Canadian retail customers, but like everything else at GreenSeal, we didn’t just follow what everyone else in the industry was doing.

Simply adding back kief into our milled flower can cause issues with a joint’s consistent burn-ability (no one likes a clogged roach!).

Sprinkling it with pure THCA isolate increases a joint’s potency on paper but offers nothing in terms of terpenes or minor cannabinoids.

Fortuitously, the timing of our search for the perfect concentrate to infuse with our premium flower coincided with the invention of an innovative new format: Full Spectrum Micronized Isolate.

We know, we know: the terms “Full Spectrum” and “Isolate” are contradictions in terms.

But that’s the beauty of this innovation: using proprietary custom designed technology existing nowhere else, our extraction partners have succeeded in isolating the THCA from premium, single cultivar flower, along with the rest of the naturally occurring terpenes and minor cannabinoids.

Which means in addition to astronomical THC content, our next level pre-rolls are also infused with extra terpenes and the full entourage of minor cannabinoids.

The “micronized” feature of our full spectrum isolate means there is no clumping; the infusion blends and clings to the milled flower to create a consistent and uniform medley.

If you think you’ve tried everything when it comes to infused pre-rolls, we invite you to give our two new offerings a shot! 

Moon Landing: A Rocket in Your Pocket

Moon Landing infused pre-rolls offer three 0.5g rockets with fuselages filled with stellar whole-flower sativa and turbocharged with Full Spectrum Micronized Isolate stardust.

Moon Landing Sativa Graphic 1

These high velocity, energizing pre-rolls use unbleached Dutch paper cones designed with a slim profile for a longer, smoother, consistent burn.

Each joint contains a half gram of top shelf flower sprinkled with potent, flavourful Full Spectrum Isolate, and is packaged and sealed by hand to ensure freshness and quality.

With overall THC percentages shooting between 30-36%, these tasty and powerful lunar landers will take you over the moon and back.

Riptide: Adventures Under the Sea

Riptide infused pre-rolls will lift you up and carry you away on a strong indica current amplified by a generous sprinkling of Full Spectrum Micronized Isolate.

Riptide Indica Graphic 1

Three supercharged half-gram joints are packed with high-quality indica flower and use the same unbleached Dutch paper cones used for all GreenSeal’s pre-rolls.

Each joint contains a half gram of top shelf flower infused with the potency and flavour of full spectrum isolate, offering a consistent burn without clumping or clogging.

With overall THC percentages surging between 30-36%, these tasty and powerful pre-rolls start with a tsunami of elation followed by waves of relaxation.

Rolling With the Best

If you’ve tried the rest of the infused pre-rolls on the market, now it’s time to try the best.

We think Full Spectrum Micronized Isolate will soon become the gold standard for infusing pre-rolls.

Boosting potency is important, but without the companionship of minor cannabinoids and terpenes the lonely isolation of THCA can offer a somewhat empty experience.

Infused pre-rolls need to impress beyond the THCA percentage on the label.

Give Riptide and Moon Landing a try if you’d like to experience the full achievement of true pre-roll elevation.

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