Our Green Seal of Quality

From the very beginning, GreenSeal has focused on one thing: delivering a truly exceptional cannabis experience to our customers.  Founded on a passion for both the plant and the process, and fueled by a drive for innovation, our cultivation practices are being constantly refined to ensure your experience gets better and better.

Between our state-of-the-art facilities, advanced genetic selection and breeding program, perpetual harvest schedule, industry-leading growing system and a team of truly passionate growers, everything we do at GreenSeal is “For the Greener Good”. Your future buds are in good hands!

Meet Our Buds


Appropriately ‘caked’ with glittering trichomes, sweet, creamy Cookie Cake is as beautiful as it is tasty and potent.

Meet Our Buds


You’ll be tickled pink by its sky-high THC and nutty flavour mingled with a subtle touch of funky fuel aroma. 

Meet Our Buds


Sativa lovers will be crushing hard on this potent product of the GreenSeal Nursery, featuring shades of purple, a sweet/tart cherry flavour profile, and gassy aroma.


GreenSeal is always looking for talented professionals to join our team, especially in our main production facility. Whether you’re new to the cannabis industry or a seasoned veteran, we’d love to hear from you!

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