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Craft cannabis in every way: Grown in small batches, harvested at peak ripeness, hang dried, and hand trimmed without the use of machines. Finished to perfection via a proprietary weeks-long curing process.

Bonfire product is all grown at a single indoor facility using exclusive genetics sourced from our in-house nursery, with nutrient regimes customized to maximize each cultivar’s unique qualities.

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To bring out the absolute best qualities of our carefully crafted buds, special care has been given to each lot.

Our team starts by cultivating in small batches so each plant receives the full attention it deserves through each phase of the grow cycle.

Harvested at peak ripeness, each plant is hung from specialized racks to give them unobstructed space to dry, resulting in perfect moisture and cannabinoid levels for sending the buds into final cure

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Once each hand-trimmed bud is perfectly cured, the entire lot is inspected and hand groomed again by our dedicated quality control team. 

The utmost delicate care is taken with each and every bud, not only to ensure every bag achieves its maximum visual potential, but also so that as many fragile, precious trichomes as possible can be preserved for the enjoyment of our customers.

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This super-premium indica offers the best of the best cannabis experiences. The moment the package opens the room fills with the sweet aroma of juicy ripe grapes.

The tantalizing visual bag appeal of chunky, sticky orbs of golden green flower combined with a Pinene-forward terpene profile and lofty THC levels have made Golden Grape the first flower to ignite under the Bonfire banner.

Golden Grape began in a dedicated cannabis nursery, where this overachiever rose straight to the top of our never-ending phenotype hunt for the highest performing genetics.

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With multicoloured flowers absolutely encrusted in glittering trichomes, the outstanding bag appeal of Midnight Cookies is the first visual cue of its true craft character.

Hand trimmed, hang dried, and grown in small batches, the extra time and attention paid to each plant and bud ultimately enhances the creamy cookie dough aroma, sweet caramel flavour, and impressive 30+% THC potency.

As tasty as it is powerful, Midnight Cookies is the perfect indica to pair with a late-night Bonfire.

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After a huge pheno hunt, the GreenSeal nursery zeroed-in on Meringue #84 from hundreds of other candidates.

Cultivating this standout genetic using Bonfire certified craft methods – small batches, hang drying, and hand trimming, – brings out its best characteristics, including its fruity flavour, high potency, and pungently sweet aroma.

Stunning purply/blue flowers emit a fragrance of honey mingled with mango, a sweet and tangy terpene profile producing distinctly sativa-typical effects.

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Bonfire Cannabis Inferno Craft Sativa Pre-Rolls

These one-gram infused sativa pre-rolls bring so much fire they’ve earned the name Inferno!

The blazing glory of Bonfire’s premium craft certified whole flower is stoked up even higher by a generous sprinkling of strain-specific THCA isolate.

These twin full-sized joints are loaded with only the finest craft quality sativa flower, infused with THCA isolate (Full Spectrum Micronized Isolate), and use unbleached Dutch paper for a smooth, consistent burn.

Each cone contains a full gram of infused top shelf craft flower and is also packaged and sealed by hand to ensure freshness and quality.

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Bonfire Craft Live Hash Puck

The 2g Bonfire logo puck symbolizes true hash excellence, combining the outstanding flavour of live hash with the elevated potency of craft-quality inputs.

The full spicy/nutty terpene profile is captured by fresh freezing craft cannabis moments after harvest and collecting the trichomes at their peak flavour and potency. 

Easily crumbled into a joint but pliable enough to form into any shape, the texture of Craft Live Hash is sure to please both the old school and next generation hash lovers.

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