Rolling With The Best

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At GreenSeal, our central goal has always been to ensure our consumers have the best experience possible, which is why we’ve conducted extensive in-house and market research to find what consumers like best.

All of our pre-rolls contain 100% milled cannabis flower, with no leaf, stem or additives. 

We roll exclusively with long, thin, unbleached Dutch Brown reefer-style cones, giving the smoke a chance to cool on every pull. Each roll is packed as carefully and tightly as possible before twist-sealing and packaging.

Finally, our pre-rolls are filled 20 feet away from where our flower is grown, harvested and slow-finished and then immediately packaged by hand.

If you have any questions about our pre-rolls or growing process, you’re welcome to contact us anytime.

Gorilla Berry Pre-Roll


Our pre-roll products are currently available in the following strains:

Gorilla Berry Nug Emblem 1
Gorilla Berry
Citrus Skunk Nug Emblem 1
Citrus Skunk
Mocha OG Nug Emblem 1
Mocha OG
Cookie Cake Nug Emblem 1
Cookie Cake
Pink Octane Nug Emblem 1
Pink Octane
Strawberry Haze Nug Emblem
Strawberry Haze
Eddy's Watermelon Nug Emblem
Eddy's Watermelon
LA Kush Cake Nug Emblem 1
LA Kush Cake
Praline Gelato Nug Emblem 1
Praline Gelato

Click a bud to see what formats are available in your home province/territory.

Commitment to Quality Cannabis