Gorilla Berry Macro

At GreenSeal, we don’t wait for new cannabis cultivars (aka ‘strains’) to appear… we create them! We are immensely proud of our ongoing hunt for outstanding phenotypes, which allows us to achieve the full genetic potential of our cultivars. This highly advanced genetic selection program generates hundreds of candidates of a particular strain, then uses data to identify the seedlings with the strongest lab-tested levels of both THC and terpenes, and the most desirable traits for our multi-tiered indoor growing environment. With the addition of the GreenSeal Nursery to our operation, we have access to 400+ legacy genetics from around the world to enhance our hunt for exceptional cultivars.

Once these genetics are populating our indoor canopies, our 100% dialed-in cultivation environment is designed to allow the plants to flourish. We believe careful attention must be paid to each and every plant to maximize its potential, which is why we only produce flower in small, perpetually-harvested batches.