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March 2, 2023

True Craft Cannabis by GreenSeal

What does it mean when a cannabis product is designated as “Craft”?

Is it just a marketing buzzword?

Can savvy cannabis consumers even tell the difference?

What boxes need to be checked for a product to qualify under the Craft category on cannabis menus? 

Craft: Methods and Philosophy

Bonfire’s approach to achieving true Craft cannabis is defined by extra care and attention to every single detail, from genetics to cultivation to consumption. 

The difference in quality is noticeable and striking.

It starts with zeroing-in on the finest genetics from the in-house nursery, with winning specimens not just boasting the highest THC but also featuring the perfect terpene combinations for superlative effects.

Growing in small batches offers the opportunity for the grow team to see and touch every plant multiple times on a daily basis, ensuring optimized nutrients, exacting light levels, complete flushing, and precise harvesting at peak ripeness.

Post-production methods are another key to Craft quality, with all tasks undertaken entirely by the careful hands of Bonfire’s growers and packagers, not machines.

Hand trimming flower moments after harvest preserves each bud’s integrity and brings out its true natural texture.

Hang drying allows for the preservation of flower shape as well as the quality.  

Perfect air circulation prevents cannabinoids from degradation due to overexposure.

Cool drying room temperatures enable a slow, controlled pace without terpene loss via evaporation.

Once moisture is stabilized, the pristine flowers are removed from their stems and placed into containers vented daily for a closely monitored, weekslong cure.

Finally, after all chlorophyll has been purged and the carbohydrates broken down to a smooth sweetness, each nug is groomed and inspected by hand before being weighed and placed into final packaging.

It’s a lot of work and there are no shortcuts, but when you see, touch, smell and smoke true Craft flower the difference is undeniable.

It’s hard to go back to commercial bud once you’ve tried Bonfire Craft Cannabis by GreenSeal.

Bonfire’s Golden Grape (Indica): The Epitome of Canadian Craft Cannabis

Bonfire Craft Cannabis Golden Grape Strain Card

You only have one chance to make a good first impression in the Canadian cannabis industry.

Which is exactly why Bonfire’s Golden Grape was chosen as the debut Craft cultivar from the GreenSeal camp.

Golden Grape exemplifies all the next-level features of flower grown using Craft methods and philosophy.

Sure, with most batches pushing over 30% THC it’s high in everyone’s favourite cannabinoid.

But high THC is just the beginning.

Unmarred by machine trimming, Golden Grape’s chunky, textured nugs embody true ‘bag appeal’.

Our hang dry and slow cure Craft methods result in 3+% terpenes, rendering its fruit-forward flavour profile and sweet aroma unmistakable to the nose or upon inhalation of smoke or vapour.

If you’ve never tried true Craft cannabis, this is your chance to go straight to the top.

But watch out – as we mentioned, it’s hard to go back to the rest once you’ve tried the best!

Coming soon from Bonfire: Craft Live Hash, More Craft Flower, and Craft Extracts/Infusions

Bonfire Craft Cannabis Golden Grape Vanity Bag
Bonfire Craft Cannabis Golden Grape Midnight Cookies Vanity Tubes
Bonfire Craft Cannabis Midnight Cookies Vanity Bag

Golden Grape is just the first of many craft cultivars and formats rolling out under the Bonfire banner over the next months.

New strains destined for the craft market are already in the works at the GreenSeal Nursery.

If you’re a fan of GreenSeal’s Live Hash keep an eye out for a next-level Craft Live Hash (with even more fresh-frozen flavour and potency) hitting menus across the country soon.

Other exclusive new products, like infused Craft pre-rolls and innovative extracts, are also being primed for the Bonfire pipeline.

Bonfire: The Art of Craft

Stay tuned to this website and to the GreenSeal/Bonfire social media channels for up-to-date news and announcements about the upcoming Bonfire drops.

The logs have been placed and kindling lit for what promises to become a warming blaze of Craft cannabis fire.

What makes cannabis truly “Craft” to you?

Let us know in the comments below. 

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