GreenSeal Is Popping Up All Over Ontario!

November 4, 2021

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By all accounts, the launch of GreenSeal’s Gorilla Berry (3.5g) in Ontario has been a huge success!

Early conversations with retailers suggested our high-THC, terpene-rich Indica was an immediate hit with Ontario consumers.

This was confirmed by the sales data we received from the OCS the month it dropped, which saw Gorilla Berry sitting at #7 among the dozens of 3.5g flower products available in the province.

Reviewers in Ontario and beyond have been singing the praises of Gorilla Berry on social media and posting some truly impressive nug shots!

To thank our friendly retailers for stocking up on our product, and our customers for choosing Gorilla Berry, we’ve been showing up in person for a series of in-store pop-up events.

For us, nothing is more important than meeting budtenders and customers in person.

The frontline perspective we gain from these conversations is invaluable.

The positive feedback inspires us to continue to put out the highest quality product possible and validates the hard work of our cultivation and production team.

Ontario cannabis retailers come in all shapes and sizes

The Gorilla Berry 2021 Tour started with our Ontario launch event in July, which we celebrated at Little Leaf Cannabis in our hometown of Stratford, ON.

We’ve followed that up by visiting all the cannabis retail stores in Stratford, including Cannabis Cannabis, Spiritleaf Stratford, True North Stratford, the Stratford location for Tokyo Smoke, and Crossroads Cannabis Stratford.

During the summer we made sure to hit some of the province’s hot spots, including Groovy’s Cannabis in Wasaga Beach and The Bend Cannabis in Grand Bend.

We’ve been able to visit several locations of multisite retail chains like True North, Sessions, J. Supply, Spiritleaf, and Tokyo Smoke.

It’s also been our pleasure to hold pop-ups at independently owned retailers like Sage Cannabis (Brampton), 420 Love (Hamilton), and Take-Off Cannabis (Thorold).

Wherever the road takes us each week, we always discover passionate and knowledgeable budtenders helping customers make the right choices for their desired cannabis experience.

We also find customers who are delighted to learn there’s a locally produced option for a high-THC, super-terpy Indica flower at an accessible everyday price.

Who doesn’t love some swag?

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To say thank you to the customers and budtenders who’ve supported GreenSeal by purchasing or recommending Gorilla Berry, we’ve been hooking people up with some sweet swag at all our pop-ups.

We’re blanketing the province with lighters, pins, stickers, and t-shirts emblazoned with the GreenSeal logo.

To those who’ve received these gifts and now proudly rep GreenSeal as our unofficial brand ambassadors – thank you!

With your help, soon everyone will recognize the GreenSeal logo as the true seal of Canadian cannabis quality!

Coming soon to an Ontario retailer near you!

With over 1,000 retail stores (and counting!) now operating in Ontario, the Gorilla Berry Tour shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Keep an eye on our social feeds for announcements of upcoming events – sooner or later it’s inevitable we will be landing at a store near you!

If you have a recommendation for a Gorilla Berry-loving store you think we should visit for a future pop-up, please leave a comment in the section below. 

As we look towards 2022 with the potential launch of more Gorilla Berry formats and brand-new cultivars for the Ontario market, we’re excited to visit as many stores as possible: “For the Greener Good”!


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