How We Roll: With Little Leaf and the Stratford Chefs School

November 26, 2021

On Saturday, October 9th, 2021, GreenSeal helped achieve a new milestone in Canadian cannabis culture and history.

On that day, at 4:20pm, we kicked off the “How We Roll” event in partnership with Little Leaf Cannabis (a retailer in our hometown of Stratford, Ontario), and the Stratford Chefs School.

When explaining the event to potential participants during the lead-up, it was described as, “like a wine tasting, except without the wine (and without the tasting).”

Although there wasn’t any tasting, participants were able to utilize some other senses: there was definitely plenty of smelling, looking and touching.

And although there wasn’t any fine wine to swish around and spit out, everyone who participated purchased their own 3.5g pouch of Stratford’s finest cannabis: GreenSeal’s Gorilla Berry.

As far as we know, the event offered the first-ever guided sensory exploration of a cannabis cultivar (at least within the Canadian regulated industry).

In addition to experiencing the sights, smells and stories of GreenSeal’s Gorilla Berry, participants also received a couple of useful skills workshops on joint rolling and DIY edibles.

The Stratford Chefs School’s beautiful dining room, located right in the heart of downtown, provided the perfect elevated setting for this unique educational experience.

Everyone Was Kitted-Out

Once participants settled in the program got underway, starting with an “unboxing” of the event’s accessories package, led by Leanne McPhie and Paul Thompson (the co-owners of Little Leaf).

Leanne and Paul curated a kit containing everything a person needs to roll and smoke the perfect Gorilla Berry joint.

In addition to a sweet little grinder and rolling tray, the bags every participant received also had an assortment of rolling papers and cones by the iconic brand Smoking.

Gorilla Berry: A Sensory Tour

Once people checked out the kit’s hand-picked rolling gear, it was time for everyone to pull out their 3.5g pouch of Gorilla Berry.

GreenSeal’s Master Grower Chad Morphy (who was honoured with the title of Canada’s Top Grower in 2019) led participants through a close examination of our flagship Indica flower.

A jeweler’s loupe magnifying glass with an LED light was included in everyone’s kit, which allowed them to get a zoomed-in view of the glittering, mushroom-shaped trichomes covering the buds.

After encouraging everyone to gently break open a nug and inhale Gorilla Berry’s aroma of blueberry pie, Chad described the various production techniques his cultivation team uses to maximize and preserve the terpenes responsible for its fragrance and flavour.

Let's Roll!

The skills portion of the program began with Chad walking everyone through the steps to roll a perfect 1-gram, unfiltered cone (his personal preference when it comes to joint-rolling formats).

Some participants needed a bit more coaching than others, but everyone ended up with a large spliff to bring home to enjoy later.

Since sharing large doobies among multiple friends isn’t the best look during these days of social distancing, a quick demo was also offered for creating 0.3-gram personal joints using the kit’s smaller papers.

Finally, the technique for filling a pre-rolled cone was demonstrated (pro tip: first load a bit of cannabis, then stuff it down with a poker and tap it upright on the table with the filter side down – but don’t pack it too tight!).   

Do It Yourself: Gorilla Berry Edibles

The final portion of the program saw Chef Eli Silverthorne (the lead instructor for the Stratford Chefs School’s Open Kitchen programs for home cooks) showing everyone how to decarboxylate cannabis flower and infuse it into butter and oil for edibles.

Chef Eli provided a detailed recipe book for everyone, with some important guidance on how to calculate accurate dosing when using the infused ingredients to create edibles like cookies.

He even made a batch of non-infused chocolate chip cookies for everyone to enjoy while he was presenting his workshop (and if you’re wondering whether a Chef makes better cookies than the rest of us – he most definitely does!).

That's a Wrap!

The event was a success by all accounts, with participants leaving with at least one self-rolled joint, a best-in-class accessories kit for practising at home, and some skills and knowledge for maximizing the enjoyment of their 3.5 g bag of Gorilla Berry.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended, as well as Little Leaf for envisioning this unique event, the Stratford Chefs School for hosting, and Chef Eli for taking the time to show people how to make their own edibles!

Now that we know the format is a winner, we’d love to do more of these kinds of events in the future.

Stay tuned to our website, social media, and e-newsletter for announcements of GreenSeal’s upcoming new product drops, which could very well include opportunities for participating in similar “tasting-style” events as part of the launch!

Grow like the pros!

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