Say Cheese, Gorilla Berry 1G

October 26, 2022

Gorilla Berry 1g Pre-Rolls Land in Ontario

Over the past year and a half, the GreenSeal team couldn’t help but notice a strong trend in our sales data:

Ontario loves our Gorilla Berry!

When Gorilla Berry first launched in its initial 3.5g flower format, budtenders across the province were all over it.

Their expert eyes immediately recognized its position in that sweet spot where premium cannabis quality meets reasonable, everyday pricing.

After a solid stretch of rapid sales and consistent budtender recommendations, we introduced two new Gorilla Berry formats: 3 x 0.5g pre-rolls, and 14g flower.

Ontario consumers were super enthusiastic to enjoy our flagship Indica in convenient pre-roll format.

For those looking to enjoy Gorilla Berry as their daily go-to, the 14g flower option offered more value (and fewer trips to the store!).

After receiving the customer feedback that 1) bigger is better, and 2) pre-rolls are in high demand, our next move was obvious…

Time to Drop a Big, Fat 1g Gorilla Berry Pre-Roll!

The OCS fall release includes our 1g Gorilla Berry pre-roll, a satisfyingly large spliff chock full of Gorilla Berry flower.

Upon opening the tube your nostrils immediately fill with the cultivar’s familiar, comforting blueberry pie terp profile.

Filled with only our perfectly milled flower, the unbleached paper cones resemble a baseball bat, ready to knock one out of the park!

Introducing: The Giant Doobie Photobooth!

To celebrate our dropping the new 1g Gorilla Berry pre-roll in Ontario, we created the Giant Doobie Photobooth, a super fun activation for events and some extra special pop-ups.

Doobie Photobooth 1

The one-gram fatty is impressive, but now through the magic of Augmented Reality (AR) people can get their photo taken with a HUGE version of our pre-rolls!

We offered the photobooth at a couple of recent anniversary events and pop-ups and judging from the smiles it’s been a big hit!

Doobie Photobooth 2 LittleLeaf

Budtenders (like Little Leaf’s always helpful and informative Kris) haven’t hesitated to jump right in and strike a fun pose with the floating four-foot doobie.

Doobie Photobooth 3 Beeton

The (now retired) Mayor of Beeton, ON, even stepped up for a pic at the 1-year anniversary of his town’s favourite store Northern Budzz!

Coming soon to an event near you!

The Giant Doobie Photobooth is so much fun, we’re going to continue bringing it along to events, select pop-ups, and expos.

You’ll have a chance to snap your own pic if you’re planning to attend the Retail Cannabis Council of Ontario Conference and Expo (October 27-28, 2022).

We’re also setting up for a special Halloweed edition at the upcoming GreenSeal pop-up at Toke Cannabis on Bloor St. in Toronto on Saturday October 29 from 4pm-7pm.

Our actual 1g Gorilla Berry joints might not appear as giant as the ones in the photos, but they are absolutely huge in flavour – and satisfaction!

Steve Doobie Photobooth


We’d love to hear your feedback about the Gorilla Berry 1g pre-roll release, please leave comments below!

If you’re with a retailer and you’d like us to bring along the Giant Doobie photobooth for an upcoming event, please get in touch (!

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