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August 18, 2022

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Extract License Approved!

At GreenSeal, we’re always focused on the horizon, whether that means new genetics in our nursery, new products for our fans or new technologies to take our capabilities to the next level.

This month our hard work and forward thinking has paid off in an especially major way, with the approval of an official Health Canada Extract License!

With cannabis flower, concentrates and extracts all on the table, the scope of what’s possible at GreenSeal just expanded dramatically.

But while there may be a world of options in front of us, we want to hear from the cannabis community before we decide which direction to take first.

So, what exactly does an extract license allow us to make, and what options are possible at GreenSeal HQ?

Keep reading for a breakdown of what we’re considering!


Citrus Skunk Rosin

For many, the first thing that comes to mind when we say “extract” falls into one of these product categories.

At their core, these are all different versions of the same thing: the high cannabinoid resin you retain once fibrous material and water are stripped away from dried or frozen cannabis.

Whether through heat, pressure, sifting or solvents, we can produce plenty of gooey extracted products that pack a wallop when you add them to cannabis flower or smoke them with a dab rig/vaporizer.

The kinds of extracts we produce would be dependent on the equipment, space and processes needed to craft it efficiently, along with consumer demand.


GreenSeal Hash Coin Stack

One of the products we’re most excited about potentially producing is classic pressed hash.

While there are several different methods of producing hash, the basic idea stays the same: collect kief and then press it into blocks, bricks or coins.

A favourite among many old-school cannabis consumers, pressed hash should be a sure-fire hit with Canadians, especially considering the delicious flavour profiles of our cultivars.

Just the thought of high-quality hash that smells like Gorilla Berry’s blueberry pie phenos has had our team drooling since the day our extract license was approved.

Edibles / Drinkables

It’s hard to imagine just how far the edible market has come since Canada’s legalization 2.0 phase initiated in 2019.

Long gone are the days of sketchy pot brownies on a tinfoil-covered plate.

Today’s cannabis consumer is more likely to reach towards the cornucopia of delicious, unique goodies from a wide variety of Licensed Producer, ranging from gummies, chocolates and cookies to crackers, peanut butter and hot sauces.

Cannabis beverages have also made a major market impact in recent years, bringing a whole new way to consume to those who prefer not to smoke.

But with so many edible and drinkable options available to us, the hardest part is deciding where to start!

Gorilla Berry mini pies, Mocha OG hot chocolate mix and Citrus Skunk sour gummies are all on the table, along with literally anything else you could dream of.

Infused Pre-Rolls

Infused Pre-Rolls with loose buds

Do you ever wish that your pre-rolls carried a little extra kick? Welcome to the world of infusion!

Our extract license gives us permission to take extracts (like THCA diamonds) and add them back into our milled whole flower for a pre-roll with a whole lot of extra umph.

That means more flavour AND potency for every consumer who picks up a pack of infused joints.

We can even mix and match, combining kief and flower from different strains into one super pre-roll.

Can you imagine a joint with Citrus Skunk’s sweet/sour flower infused with Gorilla Berry’s blueberry pie flavoured kief??

We can’t wait to find out how it tastes!

Vape Cartridges

Vaporizers have become a very popular method of cannabis consumption in recent years, giving those who can’t smoke an alternative.

With our new extract licence, producing THC vape cartridges is a definite possibility, provided the cannabis community is hungry for more.

Whether they contain full spectrum extracts, live resin, or formulations that mix cannabinoids (e.g. CBD/THC/CBG), when GreenSeal decides to release a vape cartridge it’s going to be something special.


Cannabis CBD Cream

Though initially a predominately medical category, topicals have been creeping into the recreational market as well in recent years.

At our heart we are cultivators – not pharmacists! – but THC and CBD topicals like creams and lotions are a possibility we’re excited to explore at GreenSeal.

It’s A Whole New Ballgame at GreenSeal

Choose Your GreenSeal Extract

We’ve barely even scratched the surface of what’s possible with our new extract license, but this list should give you an idea of what we’re pondering on for the future.

But since the list of products available to us is almost endless, we’re throwing it to you!

What GreenSeal extracts and concentrates would you like to see in the recreational cannabis market?

Are there any GreenSeal cultivars that you feel would translate well into new oils, resins, creams or edibles?

Let us know your suggestions below!

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