Morphy The Red-Eyed Grower: A GreenSeal Christmas Story

December 14, 2022

Morphy The Red Eyed Grower - Cover

You know Gorilla Berry and Mocha so funky. 

Riptide, Moon Landing and Citrus quite skunky.


But do you recall, the one who discovered them all?


Morphy the red-eyed grower hunts the very best phenos

And when they’re packed with terpenes, he can feel it in his toes.


All of the other growers used to swear and curse his name.

Their plans to find a winner, could never hope to match his game.


When a righteous strain of weed springs to life, he’ll say:

“Seedling, with your buds so tight, won’t you grow all day and night?”


Then how the stoners loved him as they packed their pipes with glee.

“Morphy the red-eyed grower, you sure grow some killer weed!”

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