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December 14, 2022

Live For Hash?

You’re going to LOVE GreenSeal’s Live Hash!

Old school heads know… there was a time in Canadian cannabis history when hash ruled this country.

Imported by the tonne from faraway places like Lebanon, Afghanistan, and Morocco, classic hash was a staple before widespread domestic cannabis production was established here.

In the days of peak hashish – long before full-melt dabbing became a thing! – bottle tokes (aka BTs) and hot-knives were the go-to consumption formats.

For decades, finding a butter knife without a scorched end was a challenge in many Canadian cutlery drawers!

Well folks, hash is back in a big way!

And GreenSeal is all over it!

But this ain’t your grandpa and grandma’s hash…

What is “Live” Hash?

21st century hash production methods are built on the same basic premise that’s informed hash making for centuries.

This simply involves collecting and pressing cannabis trichome heads (aka kief, the whitish “crystals” you see covering high quality buds).

Gorilla Berry Macro
GreenSeal's Gorilla Berry Up Close

The mushroom-shaped trichomes contain the glands that produce and store the majority of a cultivar’s cannabinoids (like THCa) and terpenes (the molecules responsible for its distinct flavour and aroma). 

With traditional hash making, the kief is usually collected after the cannabis flower has been dried.

Unfortunately, this drying process (often using the hot sun) inevitably results in the evaporation of flavourful terpenes and the degradation of precious cannabinoids.

Today’s cutting-edge hash making techniques improve on these methods by collecting the trichome heads from super-fresh plant material rather than dried-out bud. 

Flash-freezing fresh cannabis at the moment of harvest allows for the trichomes to break off completely intact, capturing the essence, terpenes, and potency of a cultivar harvested at its absolute peak.

Fresh frozen kief, collected from live indoor plants immediately after they’re chopped down, is as good as it gets when it comes to hash making material.

And unlike many other modern methods of “live” extraction, there are no yucky hydrocarbon solvents used at all in this process!

The GreenSeal of Approval

We’re so proud of GreenSeal’s Live Hash we’ve literally branded each 2g pressed puck into our logo.

GreenSeal Live Hash Rack

Featuring blends of fresh frozen kief collected from GreenSeal’s various premium flower batches, the flavour and potency is unparalleled in the Canadian hash market.

Not to mention they look super cool!

21st Century Hash at 20th Century Prices

GreenSeal Live Hash Puck and Vanity Bag

In an industry where some menus currently offer Live Hash at $30+ per gram, GreenSeal’s Live Hash promises to be a serious disruptor.

Thanks to our proprietary in-house extraction process, we’re able to offer our nifty 2g pressed pucks at less than half that price!

The future of hash is here, and it’s just as affordable as it was in the 80s!

Break Out the Hot Knives – Hash is Back!

Canada loves hash.

And thanks to GreenSeal, the best hash possible can now be enjoyed at a reasonable price.

You’ll know it’s GreenSeal’s Live Hash even when it’s not in the bag – it’s the one shaped like our logo!

We’d love to hear everyone’s feedback on this innovative, accessible product and its fun presentation.

Please leave a comment below!


  1. As an Old Schooler who has been struggling to find Proper Blonde Hash in this new era, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ????????????
    Solid, yet easy to crumble and a Proper Hash High???? Catt (Budtender TNCC)

  2. So glad you’re enjoying it Catt! We’re super proud of our hash, so your kind words mean the world.

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