Pink Octane & Cookie Cake: The First Fruit of the GreenSeal Nursery

January 20, 2023

Back in February 2022, we were happy to report on the approval of GreenSeal’s Nursery licence.

Almost exactly one year ago, we celebrated the establishment of “a generous amount of growing space dedicated entirely to our never-ending efforts to discover and develop the ‘next big cultivars’ in cannabis genetics.”

Today, after nearly a year of intensive breeding and phenotype hunting, GreenSeal is about to release two stellar strains featuring in-house genetics that are completely new to the Canadian market.

The GreenSeal Nursery has begun to bear fruit, and the results have already surpassed our highest expectations.

Pink Octane: So good it’ll make you blush

GreenSeal’s Master Grower Chad is a fan of gassy cannabis strains.

So it was predictable the first trials coming out of the Nursery would include some fuel-tinged genetics.

Living up to Chad’s expectations, Pink Octane delivered on the subtle gas notes he was looking for.

To his delight, the pink-hued flowers also came through with spectacular visual appeal.

With 30%+ THC and terps for days, Chad new this indica was a keeper.

But don’t ask him what genetic cross is responsible for this Molotov terp bomb of peppery caryophyllene and hoppy humulene.

It’s a breeders’ prerogative whether or not to share the parentage of a newly discovered strain.

Pink Octane is so special, Chad’s going to keep this proprietary cross to himself. 

Cookie Cake: Victory is sweet

At GreenSeal we’ve always resisted the trend to tout THC potency as the be-all-and-end-all metric for cannabis flower quality.

All that said, when we got the lab results back from our first few batches of Cookie Cake we knew we were on to something truly special.

It’s not everyday we see THC potency hit 30%, but Cookie Cake left that milestone in the dust, with test results up to 34%.

While it’s arguable THC can be unreliable as a barometer of quality, there’s no faking terpene results, which were also super high in the 4-5% range.

There’s only so much a lab test can provide when it comes to deciding whether a new strain is a keeper or not.

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.

Once lit up or vaped, the sweet, creamy flavour does bring delicious desserts to mind.

Which isn’t surprising considering the confectionary parentage of this ‘celebrity cross’, combining the uplifting, euphoric Sativa effects of Animal Cookies with the fabled sweet flavour of Wedding Cake.

The terp profile responsible for this delicious experience includes herbal Humulene, citrusy limonene, ripe fruit Myrcene and spicy b-Caryophyllene.

Cookie Cake emerged from the Nursery as a true winner, and victory is sweet indeed!

Pink Octane Vanity Graphic 1
Cookie Cake Vanity Graphic 1

We didn’t wait for the “Next Hit Cultivars,” we made them

Less than a year after becoming licensed, the GreenSeal Nursery is already bearing spectacular fruit.

Fans of our Gorilla Berry, Citrus Skunk and Mocha OG have been patiently wondering for a while what’s coming next.

They should get used to seeing new cultivars coming from GreenSeal.

Our plan is to release at least one new original strain every quarter.

These two were so good we couldn’t resist releasing them in tandem (one for the Sativa folks, and one for the Indica lovers).

Depending on what province you’re in, they will be available in several formats including 3.5g flower and pre-rolls.

Give them a try and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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