Lift & Co. Expo 2021

November 26, 2021

On the weekend of Nov. 19-21, 2021, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre was the only place to be for members of the Canadian cannabis community.

Whether you were working in the industry, a passionate home grower, or a consumer wanting to know about the latest and greatest offerings coming down the regulated cannabis product pipeline, the return of the The Lift & Co. Expo had something for everyone.

For the GreenSeal team, the event offered the perfect opportunity to meet and talk to retailers and customers face-to-face and share our passion for the plant and the flowers we cultivate.

The event exceeded all our expectations. Our eye-catching booth was always humming with activity, and the genuine buzz from people wanting to learn more about GreenSeal’s accomplishments and future plans was palpable.

The full-sized Augmented Reality (AR) posters on display at our booth might’ve been the biggest hit of the whole show (by the way, voting is still open for poster to win the ADCANN award for Best Marketing Campaign in Canadian cannabis!).

Day One: Industry Day

Friday was dedicated to members of the Canadian cannabis industry.

Suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and other business-to-business enterprises were in full attendance, demonstrating their innovations and drumming up new clients.

But for us, Friday was all about connecting with the retailers.

A steady flow of budtenders and store managers came up to our booth to tell us how much they and their customers are loving our products, especially our flagship Gorilla Berry (Indica) flower.

While this was music to our ears, it was even more important for us to turn on even more retailers to GreenSeal.

We hope we inspired new retailers to carry our products by learning about our commitment to quality, our perpetual harvest (which means our products are always available and always fresh), and the top quality, high-THC, terpene-rich flower we’re offering at an affordable price.

Everyone can help us with our efforts to get out the word to dispensaries about GreenSeal: if your local retail store isn’t carrying GreenSeal yet, tell your favourite budtender you’d love to see it on their shelves!

Day Two/Three: Consumer Days

While it was lovely to spend a day connecting with folks in the industry, we were super excited to talk to cannabis consumers on Saturday and Sunday.

We’ve always placed Canadian cannabis consumers at the heart of everything we do, so getting the chance to talk face-to-face with all you connoisseurs and aficionados was a priceless gift.

As a way of thanking customers who took the time to talk to us, we handed out some swag in the form of our pins and stickers.

We also rewarded those who follow us on Instagram with shirts and toques for posting selfies and checking in at our booth with a secret password (on Sunday it was “phenotype” – we’re cannabis nerds and proud of it!).

Couldn’t make this year’s Expo? Not a problem!

If you were unable to make this year’s Lift & Co. Expo, there are lots of other ways you can connect with GreenSeal.

Once you’re done reading this post, we hope you’ll take the time to browse through the other pages on our brand-new website.

We’re posting a series of “Ask the Grower” videos on our website and our YouTube channel featuring our Master Grower Chad Morphy.

You can also join our mailing list to stay abreast of all our upcoming product launches and new cultivar drops.

And keep an eye out for our in-person pop-ups, coming soon to an Ontario retail store near you!

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