The 12 Terps of GreenSeal

December 13, 2021

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and ‘twas a great need.

All sorts of people want quality weed!

From sativa savants wake and baking fresh bread,

To indica tokers just heading for bed.

With so many new kinds of bud on display,

“What’s the right strain for my holiday?”

“Think terpenes!” they shouted, those green GreenSeal elves.

“We’ve been working all year to stock up the shelves,

with mouth-watering cultivars bursting with terps.

Take it from us, we’re smart little twerps!

Terpenes mean flavour and smells to detect.

Not to mention,” they said, “they have quite an effect!”

At GreenSeal our terps shine on every lab test,

Monos are okay, but Sesquis are best!

So to help with your shopping, here’s a quick guide,

to ‘The 12 Terps of GreenSeal’ you really should try.

1) Beta Caryophyllene

When you want a smoke with a bit of a kick,

If spicy and peppery tastes make you tick,

Then we have the black pepper terp of your dreams

It’s naughty AND nice: Beta Caryophyllene!

2) Alpha Pinene

What smells like Christmas more than a pine?

That sweet, earthy scent; always fresh and refined.

Smelling like Christmas and weed is the same.

Just try Alpha Pinene; it’s right in the name!

3) Myrcene

If cold winter winds have you wanting to take

A trip to a tropical land for a break,

A strain high in Myrcene seems like the best route.

It tastes just like mangos. No kidding, fresh fruit!

4) Humulene

When you’re in need of a classier calm,

Here’s an IPA flavour to pack in your bong.

Woody and earthy, like fresh herbal crops,

Humulene pops with delectable hops.

5) Germacrene B

The scent is strong, but the taste is quite sweet.

This complex terpene is far from offbeat.

It’s spicy, it’s earthy, it’s citrusy-lime,

Try Germacrene B, and you’ll have a great time!

6) Selina Dienes

No, you’re not reading the name of it wrong,

Selina Dienes sings a smell, not a song.

The aroma of ginger and curry is strong

So try out this terpene; your heart will go on!

7) Ocimene

Ocimene is a terp with a delicate power

It brings the smooth scent of fresh fruit, herbs and flowers.

If you want to smell more like orchids than weed.

This mild, woody terpene is just what you need.

8) Limonene

Who doesn’t love some tart lemon/lime?

Well Limonene terps are well worth your time.

Lemons and oranges fill the bouquet,

A citrusy flavour to savour all day.

9) Linalool

No doubt about it, this one’s hard to say,

But linalool terps are way more than “okay”.

They smell of sweet flowers, citrus and mint.

So give it a try for a smile while you squint.

10) Citronellol

Technically all weed will smell like a flower,

But this little terpene makes daisies seem sour.

Citronellol can be a real treat for the nose,

Who’d have thought weed could smell just like a rose?

11) Terpinolene

Some like it a lot when their home smells of smoke

So here’s a great terp for your first festive toke.

Terpinolene offers the smell of smoked wood

It’s so rich and savoury. Try it? You should!

12) Eucalyptol

The last of the terps that we’ll feature today

Has the kind of aroma that harkens “G’day!”

Eucalyptol smells like a journey down under.

Eucalyptus and mint? This terp is a wonder!


And there it is, friends, the end of our list

(of terps you should try, if you don’t have the gist)

Our genetic selection gives us a great chance

To try combinations of terps in our plants.

And once we’ve discovered the right recipe,

We get right to breeding and trimming the tree.

We hope that this rhyme helps you choose what to buy.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a great high!


  1. I stumbled upon this looking through your website, and I just have to give mad props. If the cannabis thing doesn’t work out I would 100% buy a GreenSeal book of limericks. Rock on, you guys rule.

  2. A big thanks to Axel! That sparkling review,
    means a lot to our writer (to be honest, he’s new).
    We’d like to say there are more on the way,
    But he gets a real headache from rhyming all day.

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