Announcing: The GreenSeal Nursery

February 10, 2022

We’re not waiting for the ‘next big cultivars’, we’re creating them!

GreenSeal Cannabis Co. is delighted to announce Health Canada’s recent approval of our Nursery Licence application.

Our in-house genetic selection and breeding program has always been the ‘secret sauce’ for our consistent cultivation of high-THC terp-bombs like our signature indica cultivar, Gorilla Berry.

Now we’re able to take that program to the next level, in a big way!

The new GreenSeal Nursery provides us with a generous amount of growing space dedicated entirely to our never-ending efforts to discover and develop the ‘next big cultivars’ in cannabis genetics.

Conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from our nearly 30,000 square foot indoor cultivation and packaging facility in Stratford, ON, the Nursery represents the fulfilment of an important step in our long-term strategic plan.

We’re excited to share our plans for the GreenSeal Nursery with you, and even more excited about dropping all the stunning new cultivars we plan to develop there.

Legacy Genetics

Cannabis Genetics Case
Cannabis Genetics Vials
Cannabis Genetics

Under Health Canada’s rules, whenever a new Nursery or Production Licence Holder gets approved, the licensee gets a one-time opportunity to register genetics from the “legacy” market for use in the regulated market.

GreenSeal’s Master Grower Chad Morphy amassed a huge collection of unique and rare genetics and seeds over his years of growing in the MMAR program.

His collection now represents a genetics catalogue of 400+ cultivars, including landrace strains (native to certain geographic locations), and other fundamental branches on the cannabis family tree.

Chad succeeded in obtaining virtually every legendary cultivar, as well as more recent breakthrough standouts from award-winning breeders, for our giant in-house genetics library.

Creating the ‘IT’ Cultivars of Tomorrow

ChemDawg Ultra Nug Pile
Mango Kush Nug Pile
Gorilla Berry Nug Pile

The activities in the Nursery will be divided into two overlapping categories: Breeding and genetic selection (aka phenotype hunting).

Breeding involves the production of male plants (and the collection of male pollen) to supply one component of a genetic cross, and the cultivation of female plants as the other parent.

A pollinated female plant can produce hundreds of seeds from this combination, which are then all sprouted and tested for potency, terpenes and structure/yield as part of the phenotype hunt process.

Like parents with multiple offspring, each seed is an individual with its own strengths and weaknesses, which are inherited from one side or the other.

But every now and then a true prodigy emerges with stellar characteristics across the board, and these are the phenos we select.

These high achievers are used to grow large “mother” plants, from which our production team will cut identical clones to populate our canopy.

At the end of this process, the strengths of both crossed parents have been brought together to create a brand-new experience for the cannabis consumer.

Rare and Lesser-Known Cannabinoids

Lesser Known Cannabinoids

One of the most exciting opportunities the GreenSeal Nursery also offers is to develop cultivars with heightened levels of more obscure and lesser-known cannabinoids.

In addition to THC and CBD, which over time have become firmly established as household names, cannabis consists of over 100 other trace cannabinoids with largely untested effects.

These novel cannabinoids include CBG, THCV, CBC, and CBN.

Using a combination of lab testing, breeding, and pheno hunting, the team at the new Nursery will be able to create custom cultivars with dialed-up levels of these rarer components.

Welcome to the next frontier of cannabis genetics, where we plan to be leading the way for the entire industry.

We’ve got your GOAT!

The approval of the GreenSeal Nursery represents another great milestone for GreenSeal and the next chapter in our operation.

Ultimately, it will be our customers who get to enjoy the outcomes of our Nursery efforts, which could potentially include supplying genetics to the general public and/or other LPs in the form of seeds and/or clones.

If you could create your dream cannabis genetic cross, what two legacy parents would you combine?

Let us know in the comments below, we’re planning to bring together the most in-demand cultivars to make even better in-house strains!

Together, we can work towards the dream of developing a cross that goes down as the Greatest of All Time – the sky’s now officially the limit! 


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