Introducing Mocha OG

July 28, 2022

The Perfect ‘Pick-Me-Up’ Sativa

Is there any better way to smooth out a bumpy day than a delicious mocha latte?

The rich, earthy coffee beans roasted to perfection, the silky, creamy steamed milk and the sweet, subtle hint of chocolate combine to make one of the most soothing, heart warming and smile-inducing options on any café’s chalkboard.

That’s precisely the experience our nursery team wanted to replicate when they began the phenotype hunt for our latest sativa strain…and once again, they delivered!

While we’ve discovered many enticing strains in our genetic selection and breeding program, Mocha OG emerged head and shoulders above the rest for its outstanding aroma, flavour, potency and effects.

Today, we’re proud to announce that Mocha OG is available to those looking for the ideal sativa pick-me-up. Read on to learn more about what our canna-baristas have brewed up for you at GreenSeal HQ.

A Treat for the Senses

Mocha OG Nug Pile
Mocha OG Vanity Card
Mocha OG Nug

Our nursery team hunts day and night for phenotypes that best express the unique flavours and aromas in our cannabis cultivars; they’ve dialed everything up to 11 with this new in-house genetic cross.

Upon opening the bag, the smooth, rich, earthy scent of mocha is undeniable. Musky myrcene and spicy beta-caryophyllene lead the charge, imparting a uniquely earthy, woodsy flavour reminiscent of a freshly brewed cup of coffee with sweet, nutty notes of chocolate.

When inhaled, the richness of the coffee flavour is on full display, delivering a smooth, spicy earthiness that will have you reclining in no time.

When it comes to visual ‘bag appeal’, Mocha OG doesn’t disappoint. With colour shades ranging from light to forest green, and swollen pistils sprouting amber orange hairs, Mocha OG’s chunky, sparkly, trichome-covered nugs earn it top marks for looks .

Between its smooth flavour profile, enticing appearance and energizing effects, a Mocha OG toke really is like taking that first sip of a java in the morning.

Your ’Anytime’ Sativa

For those looking for an elevated cannabis experience that boosts energy, creativity and overall mood, this is the strain for you.

Whether your day is just getting started or you’re burning the midnight oil, Mocha OG will keep you feeling active and elevated just like any quality caffeinated treat. 

The Summer of Sativa Continues!

With Citrus Skunk now available in Ontario and Mocha OG hitting its first store shelves in Alberta, there’s more GreenSeal sativa on the market than ever!

Our powerful Indica strain Gorilla Berry has always been our crown jewel, but with our new nursery in full swing, our team is discovering new gems every day.

We can’t wait to show you what’s coming down the pipeline next!

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