Why Stratford?

January 19, 2022

GreenSeal Cannabis Co.’s custom built, industry-leading indoor cultivation facility is located in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

When you mention Stratford, most people immediately think of…

Ok, most people think of Justin Bieber.

But after the Biebs, many people will think of the world-class Stratford Festival.

Since 1952, the Festival has been drawing tens of thousands of Shakespeare-loving tourists to the community every season.

But the city of Stratford today is about much more than world class theatre and popstar incubation.  

Stratford Downtown 1

Stratford (population 33,000 and counting) is becoming well-known as a progressive hub for technology and innovation – the perfect environment for GreenSeal to thrive.

With 6 retail cannabis stores and one kick-ass Licensed Producer, Stratford is also gaining a reputation as a Canadian cannabis hotspot.

City Support From Day One

Back in 2015, our first step was to apply for zoning approval to purchase city-owned land for the construction of our cutting-edge cannabis production facility in Wright Business Park.

When Stratford City Council unanimously approved our application, we knew we’d chosen the perfect place to set up shop.

Once complete, our state-of-the-art cultivation site earned a 2018 Grand Valley Construction Association (GVCA) Award of Excellence –  Stratford deserves nothing less than the best!

Hubs for Tech and Innovation

Stratford and GreenSeal Cannabis Co. have an important quality in common: we both embrace innovation and technology.

Stratford powers itself. The City of Stratford runs the electrical power distribution service as a public utility, known as Festival Hydro.

City-wide public Wi-Fi. The entire city is a public Wi-Fi hotspot, with a high-speed broadband wireless network made available to all residents, businesses and visitors, and wireless smart meters servicing every home and business

Testing and demonstration site for autonomous vehicles. The establishment of the city-wide Wi-Fi led to an $80-million government investment supporting the establishment of Stratford as the first site for live testing driverless cars (aka autonomous vehicles).

Digital media campus. The University of Waterloo recognized Stratford was perfect for a tech-based education centre and established the Stratford School of Interactive Design and Business in the city’s downtown.

We’re at Home in Stratford

For a city with just a little over 30,000 residents, Stratford certainly punches above its weight.

There’s no shortage of exciting, cutting-edge projects and businesses setting up in the community, which makes us feel right at home. 

Our approach to cannabis cultivation is all about developing and testing new ideas to grow the best product possible at the most affordable price for our customers.

Rather than testing driverless cars, GreenSeal is creating new cannabis genetics, implementing safer and more efficient power delivery formats, and pushing the limits of multilevel vertical cultivation.

A Cannabis Retail Experience For Everyone

If you’re in Stratford and you’re looking to buy some GreenSeal Cannabis you’re in luck!

There are six licensed retail stores in the city, and all of them proudly carry our hometown cultivated products!

Whatever your preference is when it comes to cannabis retail experiences, you have lots of options to choose from (as listed below, in alphabetical order).

Cannabis Cannabis Stratford

Cannabis Cannabis

90 Wellington St.



Centrally located right downtown near the LCBO, the sophisticated design of Cannabis Cannabis makes customers feel special. The staff are among the most knowledgeable in the industry. 

Crossroads Cannabis Stratford

Crossroads Cannabis Stratford

618 Huron St.



Conveniently located in the west end No Frills parking lot, Crossroads is perfect for quick in-and-out pickups. Its friendly staff are always dependable for a solid recommendation.

Little Leaf Cannabis Stratford

Little Leaf Cannabis

804 Ontario St.


Family-owned, community focused, and well laid out, the spacious store located near the east end A&W is a fun place to browse and chat with the passionate owners and their team of Cannsultants.

Spiritleaf Stratford

Spiritleaf Cannabis Stratford

1020 Ontario St.


A comfortable, attractive store with cool branding and an impressive selection. The Spiritleaf Stratford team are all cannabis lovers who share their knowledge and experience with their customers.

Tokyo Smoke Stratford

Tokyo Smoke Stratford

925 Ontario St.


A modern, stigma-free design aesthetic is consistent among Tokyo Smoke’s numerous locations. The Stratford outlet (located next to Food Basics) delivers a pleasant shopping experience, especially for those who are new to cannabis.

True North Cannabis Stratford

True North Cannabis Stratford

673 Ontario St.


True North locations are known for their competitive prices and rustic, no-nonsense retail design. The staff at True North Stratford are great at educating consumers about new products and formats.

Why not Stratford?

Stratford, Ontario loves cannabis, and GreenSeal loves Stratford!

Whether you’re a tourist visiting for the first time, or a lifelong resident, you’ll find a retail store that suits your preferences.

And best of all, you should find GreenSeal in stock at all these fine establishments!

What’s your favourite retail store in Stratford?

Are there any cannabis friendly Stratford experiences you can recommend?

Please leave your comments below!

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