Rolling with the Best

May 21, 2022

A deep dive into pre-roll production at GreenSeal Cannabis

After an exceptionally busy month of releases across Canada, our inbox is stuffed with a mountain of positive reactions to our newest product offerings. Some of our fans out west tell us they love the zesty flavour of our potent new sativa strain, Citrus Skunk. Some are more excited about the amazing value customers get when purchasing our 14G Gorilla Berry flower. But the most frequent feedback we’re hearing?

“These pre-rolls are fantastic!” !

Now that our joints are being enjoyed in so many provinces and territories – including Ontario! –  we’ve received a ton of requests to peel back the velvet GreenSeal curtain and reveal a bit more about how we create our pre-rolls. Read on for an inside look at how we’re rolling with the best in the business (in more ways than one!).

Pleasing Papers

Gorilla Berry Pre-Roll

Cannabis smokers can be very particular about the rolling papers they choose to burn. From the composition of the material to the length, shape and consistency of each paper, to the way each joint is sealed, every factor can affect flavour, burn rate, consistency and enjoyability. That’s why we’ve undertaken extensive in-house and market research to determine which papers appeal to savvy cannabis consumers.

All our pre-rolls are made using long, thin, unbleached Dutch Brown reefer-style cones, which contain no additives. We’ve chosen long filters and papers with a gradual taper to give the smoke a chance to cool on every pull, and each roll is packed as carefully and tightly as possible before twist-sealing and packaging. Not only does this offer the most pleasing, reliable, long-burning and consistent smoke for consumers, the presentation is absolutely mouth-watering. It’s hard to disagree when you see the end result!

Flower Over Filler

What’s packed in your pre-roll? Many producers choose to cut corners by including milled trim, leaf, stems, and other undesirable components of the cannabis plant.

At GreenSeal, our central goal has always been to ensure our consumers have the best experience possible, so our pre-rolls contain 100% milled cannabis flower. If you’re concerned at all about what you’re REALLY smoking when you pick up a pack of pre-rolls, rest easy knowing that if our logo is on the label, you’re getting perfectly milled whole flower from tip to filter. That green seal isn’t just a nifty graphic, it’s a quality guarantee!

Rolled Right Here

Sometimes it pays to be a smaller producer!

Optimizing our space for maximum efficiency was an early goal for GreenSeal, and our entire facility has been streamlined to keep our operation lean, mean and effective. So, when it came to our pre-roll production and packaging, it quickly became clear that handling every process in-house would be the best thing for our company and customers.

Today our pre-rolls are filled 20 feet away from where our flower is grown, harvested and slow-finished and then immediately packaged by hand. That means a faster turnaround with fresh tubes of goodness heading out the door every week. As an added benefit, our highly efficient production processes translate into consistent, competitive prices for every province/territory.

That’s A Wrap

Launch Party Photo 5

We can talk all day about how awesome our pre-rolls are, but eventually they have to face the ultimate quality check: the consumer!

If you’re a fan of the GreenSeal pre-rolls or have feedback on any of our products or formats, we’d appreciate it if you’d leave us a review!

What do you look for in the perfect pre-roll? Let us know in the comments below! 

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