Introducing Citrus Skunk

March 31, 2022

For All The Sativa Lovers!

Over the past year GreenSeal has developed quite a dedicated following around our Gorilla Berry indica cultivar.

Budtenders describe it as a true “indica lover’s indica,” delivering on all the typical indica effects and traits those consumers look for.

But not everyone is an indica lover, which is why we’re ecstatic to announce a brand-new cultivar as equally sativa-awesome as Gorilla Berry is indica-awesome: Citrus Skunk.

A product of our in-house genetic selection “phenotype hunt” (read all about our new GreenSeal Nursery here), Citrus Skunk was originally created by crossing Las Vegas Lemon Skunk with another cross of Grapefruit x Grape Ape. 

Our Nursery program propagated hundreds of potential candidates before we zeroed in on the perfect specimen.

The winning pheno combined super high THC (clocking in between 20-26%) with a tropical sativa terpene profile blending citrusy-sour Limonene with the ripe mango notes of Myrcene.

It’s an absolute terp bomb at 2-4% total terpenes, offering a bright blast of sunshine flavour on the inhale with some subtle old-school skunkiness on exhale.

Summer of Sativa!

Need a quick reminder of the historical difference between indica and sativa cultivars?

Shorter, stockier indicas trace their lineage back to cooler, mountainous areas (like the Hindu Kush region of central Asia).

Longer, stretchier sativas were originally from tropical areas around the equator (like Mexico and Thailand).

In the spirit of its tropical pedigree, we’re rolling Citrus Skunk out across the country just in time for the warmer months here in Canada. 

You can expect to see it in the Western provinces starting in the spring, with the full rollout planned for Ontario and beyond once summer is in full swing.

There’s more to come!

Citrus Skunk Top 5 Terpenes
Citrus Skunk Vanity Package Graphic

Now that our Nursery is up and running, keep an eye on GreenSeal to drop new cultivars and product formats on the regular.

Can’t choose between sativa and indica?

We’ve got you covered with a stellar hybrid cultivar coming down the genetics pipeline featuring the best qualities of both branches of the cannabis family tree.

Until then you can stock up on both Gorilla Berry and Citrus Skunk knowing you’ll have something to match whatever mood you’re in!

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