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January 24, 2023

Ontario Winter Drops preview at Lit Research in Toronto

Research has always been a pillar of GreenSeal’s ever-growing success.

Historically, we’ve focused our R&D on dialing-in the best possible conditions, inputs and equipment for cultivating next-level premium cannabis.

We also keep a close eye on consumer feedback and reviews via social media posts.

Now, thanks to the recent establishment of Lit Research in downtown Toronto, we’re able to integrate direct consumer feedback into our research efforts.

Budtenders are the ultimate cannabis consumer – and the go-to’s when their store’s customers are looking for hot tips on new product drops.

GreenSeal Lit Research Preview Brochure

With that in mind, for two consecutive Mondays we invited the Ontario budtender community to join our Master Grower Chad Morphy for a “live tasting” of the exciting new product SKUs GreenSeal is dropping in January and February 2023.

Lit Research: Collecting data through indoor consumption

A while back the owner of Body & Spirit Cannabis, located just north of Yonge & Dundas in downtown Toronto, obtained a Research License from Health Canada to create an adjacent facility dedicated to cannabis testing and data collection.

Lit Research opened its doors in late 2022, offering a space where Yonge Street cannabis consumers could come indoors to test and review the various products on offer daily.

It also offered a space where LPs like GreenSeal could invite members of the cannabis industry to taste and give formal feedback on new products coming to market.

We were among the first to book the space for this invaluable service, recruiting budtenders to come for a free preview of all the new cultivars, formats and products launching in Q1 of 2023. 

LittleLeaf team at Lit Research GreenSeal Night
LittleLeaf Team Digs Into Their Study
GreenSeal Live Hash at Lit Research
Photo Courtesy of @meesch__ (instagram)
Cannabis Xpress Lights Up at Lit Research GreenSeal Night
Cannabis Xpress Lights Up Today's Lesson

Research has never been so tasty

Lit Research comes equipped with all sorts of nifty options for consumption, including high-end gravity bongs and a Volcano vaporizer.

The Stundenglass gravity bong was perfect for sharing samples of Live Hash, the first product created via GreenSeal’s recent extraction license.

Stundenglass gravity bong at Lit Research
Photo Courtesy of Cannabis-XPress

Live Hash proved an immediate hit: the budtenders who participated gave universally positive reviews for the flavour, effects, and the appearance of the fun, logo-shaped 2g puck.

Once everyone had a chance to try the Live Hash they were offered samples of the new flower and pre-roll options GreenSeal’s dropping in Ontario this winter.

Pink Octane Vanity Graphic 1
Cookie Cake Vanity Graphic 1

Cookie Cake is a Sativa-dominant “celebrity cross” created by bringing together Animal Cookies and Wedding Cake.

The budtenders on hand savoured its sweet terpene profile and at 33%+ THC they were pleasantly uplifted by its powerful effects.

Pink Octane is a fuel-tinged, pink-hued Indica created via an in-house cross at GreenSeal’s new dedicated Nursery.  

The research participants noted its terp-heavy gassy flavour and chill effects, once again giving thumbs up across the board.

When it was time to sample the Mocha OG (available in a 10 pack of 0.35g pre-rolls in February) Chad explained how it was chosen specifically for a pre-roll product due to its prevalence of sesquiterpenes.

The crowd actually broke into applause upon learning of Chad’s scientific approach to product development.

They then applied this new understanding of terp science to their enjoyment of GreenSeal’s super tasty new chocolatey/coffee Sativa-dominant cultivar. 

Last, but certainly not least, the final offering (to be shared among those with enough remaining lung capacity) was GreenSeal’s Moon Landing infused pre-roll.

Infused with a unique and innovative “full spectrum isolate” (created by extracting THCA as well as the minor cannabinoids and full terpene profile from certified organic flower), this nightcap was as flavourful as it was powerful.  

We love Lit

We want to extend a huge thanks to the visionary owner Al and his whole team at Lit Research for creating a space to bring the cannabis community together to try our new products.

Lit Research Team

We hope to be back in the spring with even more new GreenSeal SKUs for Ontario.

Were you one of the budtenders at GreenSeal’s Lit sessions?

We’d love to hear your experience, please leave a comment below. 

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