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March 28, 2023

Grow With The Pros

Growing a beautiful outdoor cannabis crop is easier when you do it with friends!

We may have an industry-leading indoor grow system at GreenSeal, but not every grower is as fortunate! That’s why we’ve decided to set up a special garden to take our skills to the great outdoors.

We’ll be updating this blog every month, so check in often to learn about our process, along with tips and tricks to make the most of your own outdoor grow!

Late September - Watch The Weather

Keep a close eye on your plants –

– Check the weather report regularly. As long as it’s not looking cold and wet, let your plants continue to flower.

– The last few weeks of growth are when your buds put on the most weight and develop the most potency. 

– It may be tempting to pull them down, but leaving them out for a couple of light frosts will enhance potency and bring out the colours in your buds.

– When a hard frost is predicted (-2C or below), it’s time to pull down your plants.

August- Clear Space for Healthy Growth

Deleaf/Defoliate and give your buds some extra space

         Dense foliage near the bottom means a higher risk of mould and wasted energy that could be going into bud growth.

–    Remove bottom branches to increase airflow for a healthier, more robust plant once it flowers.

Late August- Check Your Flowering Progress

Different genetics have different photoperiods, so it’s important to check their progress and see how their flowering is progressing.

July - Show Some Support

Cage Trellising Tips –

– Get a roll of five-foot-high wire farm fence with 4” x 4” gaps

– Cut out six-foot long sections

– Roll each section into a tube and fasten together with plastic zip ties

– Place the tube over the plants

– Pound in two strong stakes (wood or metal) on both sides and secure the tube to the stakes with zip ties

– As it puts on vegetative growth, train the plant’s branches through the sections of the fence. It will give the branches support and also encourage horizontal (out) rather than vertical (up) stretching. Topping the plant at this stage also encourages width over height. 

June - Make A Hole, Make It Wide

Give Your Plants A New Home

        Wait until the risk of frost has passed.

       Find a spot with as much sunlight as possible.

–    The bigger the holes you dig, the better!

        Add Promix plus about one quarter seasoned manure for nitrogen during veg period.

       Water well with some veg nutrients.

April - Trim and Transplant

March - Select Your Seeds and Get Poppin'

They Tried To Bury Us Shirt

Seed Selection:

       Choose feminized seeds to avoid spending time and energy growing and culling male plants.

       Buy seeds from a breeder; random ‘bag’ seeds are often the result of hermaphrodites (with female/male properties) and will themselves become weak, seedy ‘hermies’ that can also pollinate and ruin your flowering females.

        In Canada, try to choose a cultivar (aka strain) that has a relatively short (7-8 week) flowering period so it finishes flowering in time for frost in October.

       Cultivars identified as ‘mould resistant’ and/or ‘disease resistant’ are good choices for outdoor. 


Seed propagation:

       See video for tips on how to place seeds in damp paper towels to ‘pop’ them.

        Don’t leave them in the damp paper towel for too long (3 days should do it) or the newly formed roots can grow into the paper towel.

        Don’t leave them in the damp paper towel for too long (3 days should do it) or the newly formed roots can grow into the paper towel.


Transplanting seeds:

        Add a bit of powdered beneficial microorganisms (bacteria/mycorrhizae) to the indentation you make in the Promix for the seed to help with early root formation.

       Don’t use city tap water if you’re ever using ‘live’ elements in soil since the chlorine in city tap water will kill off any microorganisms.

       Place sprouted seedling into the shallow (~3-4cm) indentation root side down, seed/leaf side up, leaving headroom for the top to grow out of the rooting media.

       Put your cups under florescent or LED lights set to a continuous (24 hours ‘on’) lighting schedule.

       Keep seedling growing media moist but not soaked and keep environment around 25C degrees and 60-70% humidity (you’ll likely need a humidifier to achieve that humidity level indoors in March). 

Check Back Every Month As We Update!

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